30 Jan

The increasing cost of power and environmental consciousness are some of the reasons why many people are choosing to go solar. Solar panels are not only a great way to save on electricity costs but also a way of increasing the value of your property, not to mention that saves the environment. The many benefits that come with using solar energy have made the government step in to provide incentives to compensate homeowners who produce solar power. The compensation for feeding your solar energy to the grid is a good way for you to recover your initial investment, so you'll really want to know more about this.

Production of solar energy is a pretty simple process. The solar panels simply convert the rays from the sun into electricity by using photo-voltaic cells. The photo-voltaic cells contain electrons which move when rays from the sun hit the first layer of the solar panel. The movement of electrons on the first layer causes electrons on the second layer to move. This creates a chain reaction creates a flow of electrons which leads to the production of electricity. The electricity leaves the solar panel through a wire to storage batteries or for direct usage in your house or business. You can produce enough electricity to use in your home without the need to get electricity from the grid. However, most people choose to stay connected to the grid even after they have installed solar panels in their homes. Those who choose to remain connected to the grid feed the energy they produce back to the grid. The electric company will then credit the amount of energy you feed to the grid to your account. The good thing about staying connected to the grid is that you will be able to get electricity even at night and during the days when there is not enough sunlight due to clouds or rain. You can learn more about these system variations at

Shine Solar is a company that supplies solar panels for homes in Arkansas. If you are looking for Arkansas solar installers, these are the people to talk to. With a team of experienced professionals, they will give a spot-on estimate for the installation. The customer service is excellent. The good thing is that they will not require you to pay a dime until your system is up and running. Get solar panels installed in your home and avoid that monthly electricity bill and say goodbye to rate hikes, forever. Want to know the pros and cons of solar power systems? Watch this video: 

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